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Hotels in Paris

Although there are several excellent hotels on the islands itself, and also some to choose from on Ile Saint-Louis, there are also many interesting options on both banks of the Seine.  For a list of the closest see Stay, but for others consider these:

Cheap options

Hotel Georgette - 36 rue Grenier Saint Lazare, 3rd, +33 1 4887 4036,

Hôtel Ecole Centrale - 3 rue Bailly, 3rd, +33 1 4804 7776,

Port Royal Hôtel - 8 boulevard Port Royal, 5th, +33 1 4331 7006,

Le Montclair Hostel - 62 Rue Ramey, 18th, +33 1 4606 4607,


Le Meurice - 228 Rue de Rivoli,

Hôtel Plaza Athénée - 25 Avenue Montaigne,

Shangri-La hotel - 10 avenue d'Iéna,


Île Saint-Louis Another Island Île Saint-Louis is the easterly neighbour of Ile de la Cite and although smaller does have many intereting sites. Don't miss the chance to visit both as the are directly next to each other in the Sein.

Cross directly from one to the other via the pedestrian only Pont Saint-Louis which connects Quai d'Orleans to Quai de Borbon. On the Saint-Louis side enjoy one of the many fine cafes or look into the small shops that serve the residents of the island.

Don't walk far though as it is a small island and you'll soon have left it!

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